R e g g i e   R u e f f e r



6 -- w/ Chad Rueffer/All-Star Pickers at Pearl's Dancehall in Fort Worth, Tx, 7-11pm
8 -- The Rueffer Bros. at Eno's in Oak Cliff (Dallas), Tx, 10pm-midnight
20 -- w/ C. Rueffer/All-Star Pickers, Pearl's Dancehall in FW, TX, 7-11pm
23 -- The Rueffer Bros. at Pearl's Dancehall in FW, TX, 9pm-1:30am


3 -- w/ C. Rueffer/All-Star Pickers at Pearl's Dancehall, FW, TX, 7-11pm
12 -- w/ Charley Pride at Jackpot Junction, Morton, MN, 8pm
14 -- w/ C. Pride at Oneida Casino, Green Bay, WI, 8pm
17 -- w/ C. Rueffer at Pearl's in FW, TX, 7-11pm
18 -- solo at The Kessler Theater, Oak Cliff (Dallas), TX, 7-9pm
26 -- w/ Randy Brown Band at Pearl's in FW, TX, 9-11pm


3 -- Sueffer Family Players at the All Good Cafe, Dallas, TX, 7pm
(inc. The Rueffer Bros. w/ The Boys Named Sue and Linda Garner)
17 -- w/ David Garza at the Kessler Theater, Dallas, TX, 8pm

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